LOVE IS BEATIFUL!Then, they went to the Waterfront. This small promenade, on the bank of Potomac was jammed by the people. Dan with Aisha sat down in one of restaurants and ordered “fajitas”. Two guitarists and the beauty – the dark-complexioned lady, the Latinos were performing a remarkable, flamenco. The exciting music kindled the blood and hit into the head as a refined wine! Here, one of the guitarists executing a solo, having closed his eyes pinched the strings: the guitar began to cry on the high notes, then, with “irritation” fell on the low, entering the recovered dialogue with the singer! The beauty with the pain questioned with the marvelous singing on what inevitably was answered by the solo guitar. Then the singer calmed down, and two guitars – “girlfriends” united in choir of their pathos by jingling. Uneasy Dan looked at Aisha: the girl had tears in the eyes! She in excitement squeezed his hand, and put the head on his shoulder.

Having taken pleasure from the Mexican cuisine, they proceeded to the disco, which was situated herein. The contingent consisted of the teenagers; however, there were more senior people as well. But it didn’t confuse the newlyweds; they were in their world – the world of love!

The company of the teenagers was celebrating the birthday of their friend. They treated all the attendees with a pie: they treated also Dan and Aisha! The lovers in euphoria fed each other with a pie and were kissing infinitely.

When they came back to the hotel, Aisha attracted him to herself and whispered: “You know, what the happiness is, Dan?!” Dan, intoxicated of the pleasure began to nod, pointing to her by his eyes.

“No!” said she with the inspiration. “The happiness is this day!”

Vadim Gazi The Soldier’s Fortune. Links:



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